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Hello! I am currently with Telus, and I saw the offer of 36$CAD/month for 12 G of data. I would like to change to fizz, but I'm going to Germany from April to September. In short, I still want to take advantage of the promotion, but is it possible to only activate my card in September?

Would it be possible to activate my card before leaving and immediately pause my subscription?

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    Hello @gabsorensen

    If you do that, you will have to pay the first month in full. Also, you can not pause your subscription without having to pay the smaller subscription at Fizz (10$/month.). At your return, you will have to pay the price as posted at this time. So, you are better to wait at your return before changing for Fizz if you can suspend your actuel account. Also, do not forget to use a referral code.


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