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I have to go to the US for a week in March (12-17). My current plan is Qc+Can. My billing date is the 25th, so it just passed.

Am I just out of luck for switching to a Qc+Can+US plan? Is there something else I can do to be able to use my phone while in the US that won't cost me a fortune?

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    Hi @Heely

    Yes you can buy the addons or put money in your Fizz's wallet, however, if you activated your plan before March 16, 2022 (which seems to be your case) you cannot use the calls.

    I personally will suggest buying an addons for the data, and use app such fongo, textnow, or other to make calls which can be used on wifi too.

    For the GPS app, some of them allow you to download the maps for an offline use.

    Or if you are really willing to use your phone, you can also buy a new SIM and activate a Canada/US plan :D, depends from your needs, and which options fit better to you.


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