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Pierre D. 2732
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They have a promotion at $35 per month for Cable 30. Is the price fix for life time or could change anytime . 🙂

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    hi @Pierre D. 2732

    At this time they never increased the price for the clients

    However in the service agreement they wrote that they can do with 30 days notice

    Do you know that with Fizz you can unsubscribe whenever you want?


  • Derr
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    Hello @Pierre D. 2732 ,

    from my experience and other Fizz clients I know, every time there’s a change of price, it’s at the customer’s benefit. And with Fizz, when there’s a better price available, it’s not only for new customers, old costumers can have it too…

  • Once you subscribe to a plan, the price won't change, and you will also accrue bonuses over time which apply monthly discounts on your plan.

    If you ever find a better price because of a promotion, you can always switch to it, and you don't even lose your discounts!

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