Before to transfer my real my phone number and close accompte with my old service provider...

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I have my SIM card. I have two choices: Take a new phone number or Transfer my actual phone number.

I understood that when I ask to transfer my actual phone number, Fizz will ask to my actual mobile service provider to close my accompte...

But, before that, I would like to try if the signal is good with Fizz at my home in the wood!

Is it possible to take a new phone number temporarily to try Fizz, and if everything's good, ask in a second time to transfer my actual number?

(Or if you know any other way to try Fizz before close my actual accompte)

Thanks a lot!


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  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @sbnature

    Yes you can take a new phone number, however, you must know

    • You cannot replace the phone number associated with your Fizz plan, you need to close the test fizz plan before reuse the SIM"
    • When the account is closed (you have 15day trial period) the SIM can be reused to transfer the number from the previous provider
    • You cannot use the referral code, since this is valid only for the first plan activated to your account, for you this was the test plan. If you want to use the referral code, you need to open a new account with a different email

    ps fill free to use my referal code if you need one :D

  • SkyHigh88
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    Yes you can certainly use a new number for now and use it withouttransfering the old number you have. I had to the same before i transferred my account to fizz. Only thing is you cannot use the same email address for the referral code. You can still use the same SIM card to transfer your old number.


  • sbnature
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    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your very helpful response.

  • Sébastien code ZXEL1
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    Good morning

    1- open an account with a new e-mail you have 15 days to cancel without charge do not take a reference code...

    2- If it works well you cancel and close your account

    And 3- open an account with the email you use transferred your number and use a reference code

    Hoping to see you among us

  • sbnature
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    Oh yes! Good idea! I fugured to use another email for my main/real accompte... But like that, it's a lot better! I didn't think about that!

    Yes, I hope I will join you, too!

    Thanks a lot!

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