Need 500mb data QU4YO

Concave65 Posts: 24 ✭✭

Hi everyone

I’ve been having big time data issues with Fizz since beginning of February. They are claiming it is now fixed but while I now have regained acces to my data, I am concerned that the problem is not fixed and may very soon repeat itself.

on my account, i only have the 1gb that is my monthly plan but it is not indicating how many days are left in my cycle. Now they have explained why stating that it’s because I only have one type of data there (I mixed up the order of my upgrades so I have to wait until the next payment cycle to benefit from it)

by getting 500mb as a gift, I will be able to see if now my data expiry will show correctly and I will be able to determine if they are using up my data in the right order (last month they used up my paid for data before using any other type of data, hence no rollovers at all this month)

i want to put this matter to rest and validate if what Fizz said is in fact the reality as up to now they haven’t explained what the problem was. They just said your data is working now and so problem is solved. So I want to do my own testing and then go back to them to reopen the ticket if my test shows the problem persists. And if my test shows all is good, then I will breathe a sigh of relief.

once again, 500mb will be enough for my need!

thank you for all your help!