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Hello Fizzers.

I am with Fizz internet for 5 months, and it was good until recently. My phone and laptop cannot connect to internet due to no functional internet, which forces me resume the modem to make it work. I believe there is always internet signal from outside to modem but somehow the modem doesn't work properly. But the modem is new, and it did its job properly at the beginning, I don't know why the scenario happens. I am working from home, so have stable internet connection is crucial, I hope anyone knows how to solve this issue can give me some advice. Thank you! P.S. I didn't add new devices recently, didn't change settings either.

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    Thanks for the answer. I did solve the problem by turn off and turn on the modem, but it is annoying this issue happens on the daily basis. Every time I reboot the modem, it takes 10 minutes for my devices to get the connection back. I would like to know a way to avoid doing so frequently. Let's say once a month would be acceptable.

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    service has been good for me

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    I am not sure, maybe modern is breaking down? Cause every time I restart it, I can have my internet connection back for a while.

  • surely a problem with the modem can be contacted customer service .. bulle vert en bas a droite

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    Even once a month shouldn't be acceptable, I've had their modem for 2 years with 0 issues so the problem must be related to your location!

  • Ironically this was the same problem that I was seeing when we decided to try out Fizz INternet ..

    Speed was great, but the connection was never stable .. so we decided not to switch over to Fizz and ended up returning the modem...

  • here too zero problems in 2 and a half years

  • Hmm.. maybe i shouldnt have jumped to conclusions and returned the modem.. I could have asked to change the modem first ..

  • Have the same issue, my modem would lose its connection and the only way to regain it was to power cycle the device. 

    It would originally happen once a month or so, but I was too lazy to contact support and it went on for a while. 

    Then it got worse and I had to reboot the modem once a week and sometimes multiple times a day. Finally reached out to support and at first they blamed the fact that I had disabled the bridge mode (since I use my own router) and had to re-enable it for them to allegedly collect more logs... 

    So I removed my router, use the modem’s built-in, still kept losing my connection… Tried with an older router I had lying around, no luck. Disabled all my IoT, because they suspected some interference, still no luck. Upgraded to a new mesh router setup, again no luck.

    They eventually sent a Videotron tech to swap my modem and test the setup, had a whole week without issue, then it happened again... 

    Incidentally, I spoke to another Videotron installation tech who actually let it slipped that Fizz has it's own dedicated backend equipment separate from Videotron and it's notorious for connection issues, so the issue is not necessarily on the modem side...

    I ended up putting the modem on a smart outlet that power cycles the device for a few minutes early in the morning to force it to renegotiate a fresh connection. In the past 4-5 months, I’ve had to do reset it manually maybe twice. It seems more stable now. When I have time, I'll try disabling the schedule to test out how long it lasts.

    Honestly, the only thing preventing me from cancelling the service so far has been the pricing… Never had these issues with Videotron.

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