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Good Morning,

1) I would like to port my phone number from virgin mobile canada to fizz.

2) I would also like to use my current email for which I have another account set up for my child. Is it possible to create both phone numbers under one email.

3) Is there still a referral bonus from my son to me for example of do this using the same email address?

4) Please outline the process on how to port my phone number?

5) What do I have to do with my current provider to keep it active until I switch? Do I have to notify them?


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    1) That's a good idea, fizz's the best.

    2) Yes, you can of course.

    3) No, you can't do a referral using the same email.

    4)Just contact fizz using their chat bubble from the website or through messenger facebook and they'll take care of it all, they need to contact virgin and then virgin will send you a text in your current phone number to confirm the transfer, you reply YES and it's done, but you need to have a sim from fizz to use your phone right away.

    5) You don't have to notify them, fizz will do it for you.

    Hav a good one!

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    Btw! you can use my referral code 73IEU

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