what is the best speed of Net?

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Hi! I just wondering how to know witch speed of internet do i need for my home? 30 or 100? Before i had 50 and i had impression that my net was faster! Now i have 100 and it's became super slowly! how come?

thanks for answering!😉

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    Hello @Tya!

     To find out how much internet speed you need for your home, you can consider several factors such as the number of devices connected to your network, the online activities you perform (downloading files, streaming videos, online games, etc.), and the quality of your internet connection. 

    A minimum speed of 30 Mbps is usually sufficient for normal use, but if you have a lot of devices connected and do intensive online activities, a speed of 100 Mbps might be more appropriate. 

    If your Internet connection has become slower despite a higher speed, there could be other factors at work, such as interference on your network, problems with your equipment. It is therefore best to contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

     Here are the steps to follow in order to contact the service about this matter if it should become necessary:

    1- Log in to your

    account (see top right)


    2- Any ad blocker in your browser must be disabled. 

    3- You should be on

    a help page: https://fizz.ca/fr/faq/resoudre-un-enjeu

    4- The green bubble should appear at the bottom right of the page, click and choose chat.

    If the chat bubble still does not appear at the bottom right of the page after a few seconds, it is because the number of pending sessions is greater than the service's processing capacity. At this point, you can leave a message on the other communication channels offered:

    By private message

    on Facebook/Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/fizzca

    By private message

    on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/fizz_ca

    And on Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814


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