VoLTE in Florida?

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My parents are leaving for florida next month. I'm going to change their plan to US+Canada. I know Data will work, but will Phone calls work? Is the VoLTE working in US yet? They both have VoLTE compatible phone AND the new SIM cards from Fizz with the lightning bolt on it...

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    @Ari M.

    I think the important thing is WHEN DID YOUR PARENTS SIGN-UP TO FIZZ?

    If it was AFTER MARCH 16, 2022, they are all set, their account has been activated WITH THE NEW SIM CARD and VoLTE is activated. This means they can make phone calls in the USA through T-Mobile's or AT&T's networks. All they need to do is get the Canada + USA plan at least 5 days before their next billing period starts. You will also need a VoLTE compatible phone.

    If your parents are Fizz before March 16 2022, data will work in the USA, but calls may be uncertain. You must choose T-Mobile's networks (AT&T won't work for calls) and if you are in reach of a T-Mobile 2G GSM transmission tower, you should be able to make and receive phone calls. If you are inside a building, best would be to go outside. The new SIM card is not essential yet for "older" Fizz users.

    In both cases, you need to get the Canada + USA plan at least 5 days before your current billing period ends. The USA plan will be available in the following billing period.


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