FIZZ bonus 100$ didn't receive it

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I got my internet on Dec 16th 2022 and promotion was from dec 16th. and support mentioned that i made order on Dec 08 so i am not eligible. which do not make sense.

As without internet service how come they can say i got internet from Dec 08 and i am not eligible.

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    Hi @VishalMittal

    If you enter the referral code during the order, you should receive 50$, the promotion that was active before the 100$


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    If your service was activated with the $100 promotion, you can see it immediately as pending in your referral section here:

    It will show which code you used and the value.

    What's important is the date you added the referral code, not when you received your modem, so in your case, it indeed sounds like it's going to be $50 based on the date.

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