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I keep receiving scam text messaging following a call every hour at on the dot like 1 am, 2 am 3 am, and it is coming from an area code of 438 , i tried to block it but the number keeps changing every hour, any suggestions?

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    That's really unfortunate, but besides blocking them as they come, there's not that much you can do about it, as these scam services often use randomized numbers to attempt to call. It's really unfortunate that you're getting such a high number of them though.


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    It is important to take steps to protect your account from fraudulent or unwanted activity. There are several things you can do to prevent fraudulent text messages:

    Block the sender number: If you receive fraudulent text messages from a specific number, you can block that number to prevent any additional messages from reaching your phone.

    Report fraudulent messages: If you receive fraudulent text messages, you can report them to your mobile service provider so they can take steps to prevent future messages from that number

    Use an SMS filtering application: There are applications that can filter text messages for you and automatically block unwanted numbers,

    Use a spam blocking service: Many cell phone companies now offer spam blocking services that protect you from unwanted calls and messages,

    Never give out your personal information: Never give out your personal information, such as your credit card number or password, to a person or company you don't know.

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    To report Spam messages forward them to 7726. But I agree that it's difficult to block the calls as the number keeps changing.

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    In a period of two days I received 50 calls and 50 text messages that is madness, since there are no other solutions i decided to change my number to have a peace of mind.

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