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I've been a Fizz member since October 2022 and my colleague gave me his code to get a 25$ bonus when I activated my mobile plan. It's now January, and no discount on my bill. After many MANY tries with customer agents over the months, they assured me it'd be deducted for my payment on December 7th; a month ago they said January 7th; still nothing. I have a ticket open for higher ups, but it's been a week and no one is contacting me, I'm getting frustrated at this point.

I feel scammed, is anyone dealing with a similar situation?


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    I have not have this happen, but then again, we only get that bonus once, so we can wait and see what happens to the people who signed up in December.

    The reality is, it's an automatic system once the referral is successfully registered, so yes customer service can look into it, but it's not like someone purposefully made a mistake on your account, it's supposed to trigger automatically.


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