I've noticed at practically all ports are closed

Anh-Tuan D.
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I'm trying to run some personal home servers, but I notice that basically all ports are closed! Is this an ISP issue? Can we request to open particular ports?


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    ISPs are usually not blocking ports (to have less headache 😃). It's most probably your local firewall who is blocking them. If you have your servers are running on Windows, check Windows Firewall settings.


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    Hi @Anh-Tuan D.

    Which port are you try to open?

    Can you try port above 1023?

  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    Ports are on your router's end, just enter the dashboard and configure what you'd like. Most ports are not inherently open, you need to put forwarding rules for them to function.

    There's no exact guide for this, but this interface is similar enough that you should be able to follow it for port forwarding: https://portforward.com/hitron-technologies/coda-4589-res/

    Do see what your home servers require beyond just port forwarding though.

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