How to block incoming connection from specific IP or servers in the Fizz router settings?

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I bought a Ecovacs and lately, the associated app started to share data with a "server" own by an individual rather than a company like AmazonAWS, base on the ipinfo website. I want to block that incoming connection to my home however, the fizz router setting doesn't appears to be working when adding into the "security/keyword\ filter" the specific ip I want to block. I though using port blocking but it appears to only be limited to local network, unless I am doing something wrong.

Any advice on how I can block that incoming connection?

Thank you!

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    Hi @Vincent B. 13921

    If you don't have a port forward or similar, you should not be penalized (exception for a kind of DDOS attack)

    The router use a NAT, which redirect the incoming connections, only if previously open from inside your network.

    Like you said, the filter is supposed to block the outgoing connections, not the incoming. If you want more advanced featured, the easy way is to use your own router connected to the Fizz's modem.


  • CJ Ref Code B43SA
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    Basic router functions cannot deal with that sort of thing - you'd need an external device, like a PiHole (Raspberry Pi with a custom OS), that does just that, filtering to the most granular level.

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    By default all incoming connections are blocked.

    According to your post, your apps send out data to a specific site. What you need to do is to prevent that app from sending data out or simply removing it.

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