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I want to refer a friend to join Fizz, but he's hésitant that once he changes his SIM card, he will lose all his old texts and saved voicemail. I didn't have that issue for texts, the history was still all there, but I no longer have any of my old that always the case - has anyone ever lost any text messages ?

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    Voicemails are almost never saved locally on the phone, they are on the service provider's end. So really the best way to preserve them is to get a call recording app and save them that way.

    Text messages once received are not kept by the service provider, so you have the only existing copy on your device, and can back it up as needed.

    Only when you factory reset your phone do you lose all your data, so consider backing it up locally or elsewhere.


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    Hi @DebbieH

    For sure he will lose all the voicemail

    For the text depends for the configuration of your phone, the text can be saved on the SMS or the phone.

    I will suggest making a backup, this depends on the OS if he's using an Android or iPhone

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