How can I get missed perks back?

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Im pretty new in this mobile data service and I didn't know that they had given me percs, I have more than 4 perks missed and I dont know how to get more or if I can get them back.

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    Impossible to get back. Once that they are expired, they are gone forever. That is unfortunate but that is the reality. sorry

    In order to get more perks, you get points by answering here on the forums, paying bills, getting references, buying data, getting badges etc in order to increase levels. Very levels you get different perks.

    sometimes, Fizz gives perk too. Check your emails.

    everything is on fizz website if you are looking more infos.



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    I don’t think you can get them back, but i get some each month so you probably gonna get new ones.

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    The answer above is correct - you cannot get them back, as they all carry an expiration date as displayed on them. You will however get others in the future.

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