Porting old phone number back to Fizz with a new account

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Hi everyone,

My friend was a Fizz mobile customer until he was lured by Fido deal and transfer his number there. The Fizz sim card has been deactivated.

After a few days he realized the deal was not so great ( hidden fees, etc) and wants to return to Fizz with a new account.

Question : If he opens a new account with a different email address, will he be able to port back his old phone number from Fido back to Fizz using his old deactivated card so that we both benefit from the current $100 referral bonus promotion ?


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    Hi @Alex1417

    Yes, you can you the referral code and you will get the promotion.

    However, please check if your friend's SIM is a VoLTE one, otherwise, I will buy a new one in order to have the VoLTE right now without wait this sprint/summer

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