My Lexmark Printer does not work in Fizz internet

Abbas S.
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Hey guys,

It is been a week since I moved to Fizz internet and since then, I have had issue with my network printer (the brand is Lexmark)

It was working fine with the other router I had. But since I moved to Fizz and its router, I cannot setup it up in the network.

It is connected to the Router and it got the IP (i.e. but I cannot connect to it from my computers (not windows and not mac). I even cannot open its webpage (it hs a web server when I go to the browser to the IP address of the printer, I should see the webpage of the printer, but it is not possible now and It does not show anything)

Just to double check if the problem is for the router, I connect my laptop and the printer to my phone hotspot, and then it works fine in that network.

So, there should be some issues/settings in the Fizz router that cause this problem. I saw in the forum that several people have a similar issue with different brands of printers.

Additional info: both computer and printer are connected to wifi 2.4G and the Band Steering is also off.

So any idea how can I fix this?


  • Abbas S.
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    Thanks for your answer Andrei,

    But that does not help or the answer to such a problem.

    I did not mean I did not try to connect it manually. The issue is in the network. I know how to set up the network printer on both mac and windows, but this is not the issue here.

    As an update on the issue, I noticed that when I ping the printer, it sometimes just responds well and several times it responds with a timeout.

  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @Abbas

    How you configure the printer to the Fizz's router?

    Did you modify the Fizz's router configuration?

    Since you can block/filter some devices from the router, and the IP can be configured manually

  • Abbas S.
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    hi @Jessy_ref_i88b6

    No specific configuration and no block or filter.

    The router has the DHCP enabled, so after connecting the printer to the router with wireless, it automatically gets IP. So there was no manual process involved.

    I am still surprised why sometimes when I ping the printer, it shows timeout and destination not reachable. The distance between the printer and router is not that much (almost 2-3 meters away).

  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @Abbas S.

    This is strange, since the printer is nearby to the router. You lose the communication with it.

    You disabled the band steering, your computer was connected to the Ethernet and wifi. I don't know what to suggest, probably change the wifi channel.