Can you subscribe to a plan only when you need it and not have it paid automatically each month?

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So, I primarily use the sim for data and I realized that I have a ton of data rolled over after like 2 months that's enough for the third month.

So, I was wondering if it's possible to not have a plan and only use the rolled-over data for that month.

I'm trynna save money and not having to pay for the plan every 2 months would be great if I could just use the rolled-over data.

I have the 1GB plan and the plan is charged every month automatically it seems.

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    Hi @Titan

    Yes, you can use the rollover data without having the data plan till the validity of the rollover, however, keep in mind, that every time you change your plan you pay the actual price. If your plan doesn't have the data options, you cannot receive data from other users as a gift.

    Yes the plan will be renewed every month

    The date on which you activate your SIM card is the anniversary date for your mobile plan, and this date marks the start of your payment cycle each month.

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    Only to be clear, you still need to have a minimum plan


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