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I'm always getting confused on the rollover data. When it says I have 3 days left to use it, does not ont roll over again to the next month? Does it mean I will lost this data unless I gift it? Please clarify.

Thanks for your help

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    There's a limit to the rollover as described here:

    How it works:

    Sit back and relax.

    Instead of disappearing at the end of each payment cycle, any unused mobile data will be automatically rolled over into the next month.

    Rolled over mobile data is valid over the following two months.

    Your mobile plan will always use the oldest data first (thus, your rolled over data). In other words, you might have leftover data again at the end of your current cycle, and that data will be rolled over to next month. Keep in mind that rolled over mobile data cannot be gifted to another Fizz member.

    TLDR: It's valid for 2 months.


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    Thanks for the clarification, I had the same question.

    Two months for rolled over data sounds fair enough.

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