Does Fizz always provide such poor service?

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After 4 days of waiting, the process of connecting the Internet from Fizz in my apartment began.

In the morning a technician came, plugged in the outlets, then looked at the wires and said that later a second technician would come and finish the work.

In the evening I received a call from the second technician and said he did not like my order, there is no apartment number.

I contacted support and it turned out that the order form does not validate the address and clients can specify incomplete addresses.

How is it that Fizz Internet connection requests are only checked by technicians whose job it is to connect the cable?

Don't you think you should notify the customer right away and not after 4 days of waiting?

Why is it that all support can do is cancel the order? The technician was at my house, I waited FOUR DAYS for him, and all the help I got was cancellation of the order and advice to re-create it? Do I have to wait another FOUR DAYS for your technicians?

After talking to the helpless support, I wrote a complaint, which was sent to the same operator named Robert with whom I communicated before, who just closed it.

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    Hi Jessy_ref_i88b6.

    I believe it's not the technicians' job to double-check addresses, it's the application form, the "apartment" field should be required, that's all.

    Complaint form leads to the same indifferent support operators, do not you find it strange?

    Thanks to fizz, I now have a lot of free time, and I will spend it on bringing this problem to them and finding out their reaction.

    In addition to creating a new order, there is also the option to choose a more responsible provider.


  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @Denys

    I find strange that the first technician didn't know that the address was incomplete.

    In your situation, the only options will be to ask the refund and create a new order :(

    BTW, if you are going to use a referral code, I will suggest creating a new account, with a different email.

    Do you know that from 16th of dec, you will get a 100$ if you're using a referral code?

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    If you enter an order, with a wrong address, it will be difficult from the system to detect

    If I am wrote my address without an apartment in a duplex it will be difficult to find out in same circumstance

    In a block apartment, it will be difficult to miss

  • David_L_REF_OM3BV
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    To answer your question: No.

  • Denys
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    Jessy_ref_i88b6 the client is called back to clarify the information in such cases, and not forced to wait FOUR DAYS, until the correctness of the application is checked by the person who came to connect the cable.

  • Denys
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    David_L_REF_OM3BV thanks. This is good, it means there is hope to get adequate support.

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