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I'll be moving to the UK for a few months, and I'm planning to get a mobile plan and another SIM card there. However, because I want to keep my phone number, I was also planning to keep my plan with Fizz. Is there any way I could reduce the payments? I'm already removing all the call minutes and texts, as well as the data. I've been offered a perk of 15gb of data which I will activate shortly before I leave. Will I be able to use them abroad? Also would any of you guys have better advice for me to save a bit of money on my phone plan?


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    Hi @lamourhante

    You can reduce at 12$+TX, but you can always closed for a month and reopen, Fizz keeps reserved your number for 60 days

    Good to know: If you change your mind, you can reuse your Fizz phone number up to 60 days after unsubscribing, whether to reactivate your plan or to use it for another plan in your account.


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