Are you guys buying Bitcoin?

Since we can't really trust our ''beloved'' Wall Streets professional, are you guys buying BTC? After reading the white paper I bought some and I am DCAing.


  • _CJ_
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    It'll always be around - I don't know if now or another time is better, but I don't think it hurts to stack those sats :D

  • I don't because I think I find it too risky, it doesn't fit my investors profil

  • SquikyBird
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    Nope thanks

  • EtienneB
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    yes, absolutely

    there is no central bank or government authority that controls the currency.

  • Pete
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    I don't because I think I find it risky

  • Vasiok

    Nope, not at all !

  • Fei
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    I initially wanted to buy some crypto like a few different ones not just bitcoin as a means of diversification because a few years ago crypto seemed to have less correlation with stocks and bonds. I planned on buying 1% of my overall portfolio into crypto. But recently I've noticed that crypto has become more and more in sync with stocks. As interest rates have increased and stocks have come down so too has crypto. These 2 asset classes have become more and more in sync rising and dropping almost in lockstep. So I put off buying any crypto because I no longer view it as beneficial in terms of diversification. Also, crypto doesn't pay any dividends and doesn't give me ownership into a means of production of a product or service. With the initial benefit of additional diversification almost completely gone, for me crypto is now virtually worthless.

  • Pete
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    I prefer GIC

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    Thanks for starting this conversation about buying Bitcoin. It's always a good idea to do your own research and not solely rely on Wall Street professionals. I'm glad you read the white paper and decided to invest in BTC and doing dollar cost averaging (DCA). By the way, have you ever considered trading Forex? It can be a great way to diversify your investments and potentially earn some extra income. I came across this article that might be helpful for you to know the best times to trade Forex. It's worth taking a look and see if it's something you're interested in.

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