Hi, I joined and bought a Fizz plan but there was no place to enter my promo code for 50 dollars

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Hi, I joined and bought a Fizz plan but there was no place to enter my promo code for 50 dollars what can I do?

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    Hi, unfortunately if your plan has been confirmed and your subscription validated, it is too late. The reference code is not retroactive. You can contact customer service for more details.

    To contact customer service, open this link:


    and just scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark which you click on, then a second click to start your session.

    You can in turn use your referral code and invite a friend. In your account left menu at the bottom, you will see your referral code.


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    The same thing supposedly happened to my wife yesterday when she registered. She said there was nowhere to input the code while creating her plan. I did not believe her, but seing there is another complaint makes me wonder...

    ...maybe...maybe she was right...

    In the end, I should have done it myself

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    I subscribed a week ago and I was able to add my referral code, was difficult to miss

    Probably a bug with the GUI.

    Was this the first plan ever under that account?

    Contact the support to explain the problem

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    We contacted support and they said there was nothing that can be done retroactively...we are talking about 10 minutes between I realized she screwed up and contacting support...

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    I made a new account for a family member this afternoon and the space to enter the referral code is just before where you enter your credit card informations. It's easy to miss (go figure why) since it's just text that reads something like "no referral code" that you need to click on and I don't think it's even in a box.

    No wonder why my wife never saw it...you actually have to look for it!

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