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Marie-Philippe C.
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Hi everyone! I wanted to buy the Google pixel 6a but its currently out of stock. Do you think when its going to be back in stock if there's going to be the same discount on it? It was a nice offer. Thanks !

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  • Mamie
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    @Marie-Philippe C.

    Hi Marie-Philippe, we are subscribers here on the forum and we do know about possible discounts. Contact customer service. They will surely be able to give you the best information about it. To contact customer service, open this link:

    and just scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark which you click on, then a second click to start your session. Chat is the faster way.

    You can also use Facebook:


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    Hi @Marie-Philippe C.

    You need to rush if you still want it, the Pixel 6a is available right now

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