Ordering a phone with Paybright financing and not getting a confirmation?

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I ordered an iphone and used paybright to pay. I received the confirmation email from paybright saying "thank you for choosing paybright... Fizz has processed your order and your payment plan has been confirmed".

I did not get an email confirmation from Fizz nor do I see it in my order history. I find this odd as it isn't the first time I order a phone using Fizz. In the chat feature, I am told that "I looked over your account and I see that the purchase of the phone, on our end at least, has been cancelled." Obviously this is strange since I didn't cancel my purchase that I just made. When pressed for more information, i.e. I just got a loan for this thing, what happened? I am told to contact Paybright. When I ask for more information about the cancellation, I am told, the site is under maintenance and they don't have access to their tools? I am told again to contact Paybright, and when i ask why my order was cancelled, again, directed to paybright?

Has anyone experience a mysterious cancellation of their phone the day the order was placed? And now I have a loan with Paybright for a product I won't be receiving?

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    Sometimes it can be a temporary technical difficulty and after a while it disappears and everything is back to normal. Wait a few hours or tomorrow. Change browser, clear cache and put it in private mode. Then re-enter your account to see if it's still the same situation in your order history.

    Good luck to you!


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    Hi, we are users on this public forum and unfortunately cannot provide technical support. There is already a similar case but the subscriber has not returned to give us feedback.

    I can suggest you contact PayBright for more details. Also, did customer service open a ticket for you to escalate your problem to technical support? You can track your ticket in your account.

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    He said he couldn't do anything since the site is down for maintenance so I guess I will try again tomorrow. I will also contact Paybright. I saw there were similar issues, but instead of looking into it, the chat support just said it was cancelled, very odd. I will update if i get anywhere.

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    Had a bad experience with the phone purchase yesterday as well. There was a message "there an error, please try again later...". Tried to use a different browser, cleaned cache, cookies, etc. Nothing helped. Guess there's something with their site. Will try tomorrow.

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