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I wanted to add my son's referal code when I subscribed but your website bugged.

It was yesterday and I directly contacted support.

Your service representative made me wait 40 minutes to answer me he cant do anything when your company is responsible for the mistake for having a buggy website?

The refferal code of my son is: AGFLD , please don't try to scam me.

Also, why are you adding a french support when the guy doesnt speak french and just tries to google translate stuff?

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    Hi, we are subscribers here on the forum and cannot provide technical support.

    If any issues, change device if possible, empty the cache of your browser, restart it and put it in private mode. Cache residue can cause problems.

    For the mobile service, it is in your account when activating the mobile plan that you put the reference code. And, once you have put it in the box provided, click on the small green box next to it to validate (accept the conditions), before confirming your package.

    For the chat, if there are too many people waiting, a robot receives. You must write that you want to speak with an advisor. He will tell you to wait. With a little patience, we always answer you. It depends on the number of people in line.

    I am French Quebecer and I have always been answered in good French when I use the chat :).

    Note: il me fera grand plaisir de vous répondre dans un bon français si vous publiez dans le forum français.


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    I wanted to add my son's referal code when I subscribed but your website bugged: I entered the code then went forward then back and at the end it did not apply it

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    Bonsoir Claude, it would be worth waiting a few hours before redeeming a $50.00 referral code again. Often it's a transient bug that resolves itself. You try again after some time.

    But always empty your browser's cache and put it in private mode. It gives you more chances.

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