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Question for the pros. From what I understand, when on the Canada-US plan, you can only be in the US for three straight billing cycles (unless this has changed) Is this stipulation if you remain in the US for 3 months straight? For example, I travel back and forth a couple times each month for a week at a time (So use my phone in Canada and the US every month) Would this still fall within that 3 month rule and cause my service to be halted in the United States after 3 billing cycles?

Hopefully that makes sense and appreciate the feedback!

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    Hi, we understand your question. It depends on the percentage of your usage. The basis of Fizz's policy is that you must use the Fizz network on a majority basis, that is at least 51% of the time.

    People in the southern US still use a partner network, which you don't. It would be enough to check the time of use when you are with our neighbor.

    Hope this clarifies the situation a bit


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    Salut @Tobelerone

    Voici le text

    Nous nous réservons le droit d’interrompre ou bloquer votre accès au réseau de ces réseaux partenaires lorsque vous utilisez vos services mobiles majoritairement sur leur réseau pendant trois (3) périodes de paiement consécutives.


    J'ai lu un utilisateur disant qu'il recevait un message demandant d'acheter un addons afin de continuer l'utilisation aux EU

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    Buy a US mobile plan for your 4th month, and go back to Fizz for your 5th month.

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    If you travel back and forth for a week only, I think you should be good.

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    It has to do with 3 consecutive billing periods. One week out of four wouldn't be enough unless you use your data and calls intensly over Fizz while you are in Canada.

    I think the best thing to do is buy a US mobile plan for your 4th month, and come back to Fizz for your 5th month

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