What boxes could I use to return my modem?

Hi everybody,

After a dispute with my roommate, I'm planning on returning my modem but I no longer have the original packaging/box. Do you think a vans shoebox would be acceptable for returns with some bubble wrap or an old Amazon box maybe? Other packaging suggestions would be gladly appreciated? I want to make sure it doesn't get damaged in transit.

Thanks y'all :P


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    Up to you, just make sure it's well wrapped and not tossed around. Just follow the instructions here:


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    Pack the modem carefully

    Important: Make sure that nothing is taped on the modem, and its barcode is legible.

    Find a box that is not too big to make sure the modem is snug and not tossed around. A box of size 12 ¼ x 9 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches is ideal. The box must also be sufficiently sturdy, so the modem is well protected. Canada Post has guidelines on the best way to wrap a package for shipping.

    Know that based on the date you unsubscribe from your Home Internet plan:

    1. You have 15 days to return your Fizz Wi-Fi modem (and its power cable). Failure to do so means you will be automatically charged the modem replacement fee, as per your Services agreement. If you are charged this amount but do end up sending us back the modem, then no worries, you will be automatically refunded.
    2. Once your modem is returned, it will take (approximately) 4-6 weeks to receive, if applicable, your prorated refund for the monthly fee you paid based on the days left, if any, in your payment cycle.

    source - https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-return-my-wi-fi-modem