How do you reset the MAC address of your router

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Hello, I've recently come into a predicament where I need to reset my MAC address. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi, we are subscribers to this forum. The MAC address of the Fizz modem/router can be found on the back on a label. You don't say what the problem is, but surely the best thing would be to put the modem back to factory settings.

    Before doing the manipulations, I suggest you unplug it from the coaxial cable, and unplug the power cable. Put back only the power cable to the modem, then do these manipulations:

    IMPORTANT: This will reset any changes that have been made to your Wi-Fi modem settings to date. You may also need to reconfigure your devices’ Wi-Fi settings (network name, password, etc.).

    « Using a small, sharp object, press the modem’s reset button for 10-15 seconds...behind the modem (a small cavity).

    Once reset to factory settings, reconnect the coaxial cable to the modem and the power cable directly into a wall outlet. Make sure everything is plugged in properly. With an ethernet cable, connect a computer to the modem.

    In a web browser, enter in the address bar: – a window will open automatically and you will be able to configure your modem and wireless network settings again. You can keep the same name and password to avoid configuring all devices connected to your wifi.

    Hope this gives some solution.

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