Installation of 200/30 Internet Plan - Coming from 60/10 (coaxial cable w/ OXIO)

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A technician should be coming by later today to set me up with a fizz 200/30 internet plan, and I'm wondering if any additional setup or work on cables would be required.

I'm inclined to think not and that it should be a relatively smooth installation since I previously had internet with oxio, who also use coaxial cable via Videotron.

Does anyone here have some insight on this?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi, have you just subscribed? Fizz offers 200/30 and uses the same installation and equipment as Videotron. The technician on site will be able to inform you of this. The important thing is that he has access to the electrical room if you live in an apartment building, in case he needs to make any adjustments.

    It will be necessary at this time to ask him exactly where to install your modem because the installation is free for the first time, in one place. If you took the VIP installation it will be $60.00 but you can request any change on site when the technician is at your place.

    Welcome to Fizz!

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    Thank you for the reply, Mamie!

    Concerning this part:

    "The important thing is that he has access to the electrical room if you live in an apartment building, in case he needs to make any adjustments."

    I'm unsure if my apartment building has an electrical room :\

    I do have a breaker box in my unit of course, but outside of that nothing. The last time a Videotron technician was here they did however have to work on a cable or two in the alleyway behind me. Could that be the "equivalent" to our electrical room? 😅


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    We are subscribers to the forum. Possibly yes, I can't confirm anything because I'm not at the physical location and I'm not a technician. It will surely be the same way if necessary :).

    Many good things!

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    Salut @txomazza

    If you have the coaxial cable, the tech will very the connection and it will deliver the modem

    nothing more