75$ off a phone but not worth it

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Anyone else got 75$ off of overpriced phones?

iphone SE 3rd Gen 128GB Préloved perfect Fizz 519$ VS NEW at costco 450$

iphone SE 3rd Gen 64GB Préloved perfect Fizz 469$ VS NEW at costco 400$

only DEAL here

Samsung A53 is cheaper new at fizz than the used one.

who ever is managing the Pré-loved section need to recheck the prices.


  • Mamie
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    Hi, in my opinion, the comparison is not entirely valid because for purchases at Costco one must have a valid customer card and this is what gives certain advantages. You would have to come back to us by comparing devices from other providers, for example. :). But..

  • humonculi
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    Thank you for your opinion. What about the fact that the new A53 is cheaper than the pré-loved one BOTH WITH FIZZ.

    IMO, the fact that it's from Costco doesn't change anything. I believe that a used phones should be cheaper than new ones no matter where they come from. 

    If you went on amazon and it was cheaper, would you say that it’s not the same because you'd need an internet connection and an amazon account to purchase it?


  • Mamie
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    Hi, yes you are right for the Samsung A53, even a perfect second chance phone should be cheaper than a new one regardless of where it is sold. There must have been an error in the layout.  

    Samsung Galaxy A53 NEW 128 g 360$

    Samsung Galaxy A53 PRELOVED Perfect 128 g  379$

    I checked and they have the exact same options. There must have been an error in the layout. Il you want, you could mention this to customer service? They will surely take your question into consideration. On this page: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/resolving-issues

    and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark, to your right.