Buying Multiple fizz preloved phone with a single mobile plan & 50$ phone credit

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ive been using a plan and a used phone from fizz for about 4 month and just received a 50$ phone discount. I was wondering if I’d have to buy another plan for my second phone?

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    I just chatted with Fizz and they confirmed that you need to create and maintain a second mobile plan to go with your second phone. The only situation where you would NOT need a second Fizz mobile plan is if you buy a Fizz phone without any rebate; then you would NOT need a new Fizz mobile plan. But if you buy a Fizz phone with either a $50 (or $75) perk rebate or an offer (rebate) from the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) then yes, you need to already have a Fizz mobile plan (or create a new one) and maintain it for 24 months.

    One phone on rebate ---> One plan

    Two phones on rebates ---> Two plans

    Three phones on rebates ---> Three plans


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