Change my sim card

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I want to change my sim card because my phone was stollen


  • Ivaylo
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    I am unable to do it because a red message appears sayng the system cannot save my previous action

  • Mamie
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    Hi Ivaylo, to prevent identity theft or any fraudulent use, you must absolutely block your SIM card (access to your plan and phone number) and your phone.  

    To do so, log into your Fizz account. Under My phones you’ll see an option to report your phone as lost/stolen. 

    Blocking a SIM card allows to block any fraudulent use of your plan, as well as access to your phone number. The block is effective immediately. You’ll nonetheless be able to access your voicemail from another phone.

    « Best is for you to activate a new SIM card as soon as possible (with another phone if yours is also lost/stolen). »

    After you have aquired your SIM card, please communicate with Fizz via the chat bubble, to finalize the activation of your SIM card. It is also essential to go through customer service to activate a new SIM card and keep the same phone number. They will ask you for personal information before activating it. Open this link:

    and just scroll down until you see the green bubble with a question mark which you click on, then a second click to start your session.

    Hoping everything will be back to normal soon.