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Alcira V.
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For some reason my smart TV stopped connecting to the internet two days ago. This was never an issue previously and the internet works just fine on every other device. Yesterday I restarted my router and my smart TV was able to connect to the internet for a few hours, but that's it. Now when I restart my router it won't connect.

Why is this happening? And how can I fix it? This is very annoying

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  • Alexsolo
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    Go into the smart TV settings and forget the wifi network.

  • Marty2022
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    I previously had intermittent problem and I solved it by buying a new router. It solved the problem and provides a better wifi coverage. I bought a netgear.

  • Alcira V.
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    I shouldn't have to buy a new router just so my damn TV can connect to the Wifi lol. It was working before.

    Thanks for the advice and it's something I will consider in the future. But this is an issue with Fizz.

  • Mamie
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    @Alcira V.

    Hi Alcira, we are subscribers on this forum and we give some ideas.

    I suggest this manipulation in the hope that it corrects the situation in the long term. There are many reasons for disconnection. Maybe you have a new neighbor whose networks are interfering with yours, among other things.

    When you reboot the modem/router - if it is the router's DHCP function that distributes IPs to each of your devices, then after a reboot the IP address may have changed. It is good to go to the settings of your TV, to remove the network. Then restart the router again, wait a few minutes for everything to update and reconnect. Go to your TV settings again, and then select the network you want.

    If that doesn't solve your problem, you could also disable "band steering" in Fizz's modem/router. A TV connects to band 5 normally. You can do this with the Fizz application or directly in the modem/router interface with a web browser at the address (user: cusadmin / password: the one chosen during installation).

    I hope this can help.

  • Alcira V.
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    Thank you for trying to help. Unfortunately I tried both of your suggestions and neither worked.

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