Why I didn't get the new sim card?

Yuanyuan Z.
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Per email received, I ordered a new sim card on Aug 18. And according to that email, current sim card would be expired at the end of Sep.

But I didn't get the new sim card.

Would you please help to check if the new card had been sent out?


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  • Mamie
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    @Yuanyuan Z.

    Hi, Fizz informed that there are delays in the delivery of the new SIM cards - VoLte.

    Shipping for your new SIM card is delayed.

    We have a glitch with the shipment of the new VoLTE SIM cards. We did receive your order, but it will take longer than expected to get it to you. Don't worry, this delay has no impact on your mobile services. Thank you for your patience.”

    It is not urgent now because Fizz's VoLte service is not active. Your current card is functional and valid. Just a little patience...


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