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Hi, I'd like to transfer my current account to someone else. I moved be he will be staying at the appartment and would like to keep the current plan. How do I transfer the plan to his name?


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    Is it possible to transfer my plan to another account? | Fizz

    The short answer, unfortunately, is no. 

    As much for a mobile plan as for an Internet plan, our systems do not allow the transfer from one account to another. It is also impossible to group several accounts together. These are features we are working on, but for now, it is impossible. 

    The only alternative is to unsubscribe from the plan in the account you want to leave and resubscribe to a new plan from the new account. And that is why we are working hard to address this situation as soon as possible.

    For 2 people living at the same address.

    For example, your roommate leaves but you stay in the apartment, and the Internet plan is activated in your roommate’s Fizz account. Your roommate cannot transfer the plan to you. He needs to unsubscribe from his plan (or submit a move request) so that you can in turn activate an Internet plan at that address from your Fizz account. 


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    I think you will have to change a lot of things into your account settings :

    Log into your Fizz account. Everything is under My settings.

    Changing your email address.
    1. The email address associated with your Fizz account is where you receive communications from Fizz, including administrative emails. It is therefore imperative to keep this address up to date in your account.
    2. To change your email address, contact us using the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ.
    Changing your password.
    1. If you are connected to your Fizz account, go under My settings. There, you’ll see the fields to enter your current and new passwords.
    2. If you forgot your password and cannot log into your account, go to the Fizz login page and use the link for a forgotten password.
    3. How to choose a good password, and protect it:
    • Use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters to create your password.
    • Make the password difficult to guess: Do not use known words, names of friends or pets, your date of birth, etc.
    • Use a different password for every application you use.
    • Do not tell your friends or family your password.
    • Do not write your passwords on a piece of paper next to your computer or in a file called “Passwords” at your workstation.
    • Change your passwords regularly.
    Changing your home address.
    1. Your home address is associated with your Fizz plan.
    2. For a mobile plan, go under My plans> Manage plan > Change home address. If you have more than one mobile plan in your account, you must change your home address for each plan.
    3. For a home Internet plan, go under My plans> Manage plan > Moving.
    4. All relevant information for a move is detailed here: I’m moving. How do I change my address for my Home Internet service?
    6. Good to know for delivery and billing address.
    7. Generally, your home address associated with your Fizz plan also serves as your delivery and billing address. 
    8. But you can choose a new address when you schedule certain deliveries, such as for a Fizz SIM card or Wi-Fi modem, or when you add a new payment method.
    9. The difference between my home address, billing address and shipping address

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