None of my cards work

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Just bought a SIM for $17, none of my 5 international cards worked. Checked address and everything, doesn't work. So that's a waste of $17 I guess? Your website allows you to put in an international billing address, so why doesn't it work? Change this, fix this, or say "Canadian cards only" and stop stealing people's money.

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  • brentx
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    Yeah, but it doesn't say this at their machines where you actually buy the SIMs. I gotta go through their website FAQ for the tiny line that says "international cards don't work"? Oh and they even have an option to put "Australia" in as the billing country, but it doesn't work. Nah, not good enough. Ah well, enjoy my $17 .

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    @brentx I would strongly suggest contacting the support as you can ask if a refund is applicable in your case.

    Do you not have a local Visa/MC debit you can use?

    You can also use a vanilla pre-paid card (a visa/MC gift card pre-loaded with a determined amount of money).

    These can be purchased anywhere gift cards are sold. Pharmacies, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, etc...

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    I'll try that, thanks.

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