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Hi Fizz. My wife and I have 2 phones with Fizz, we plan to activate the US plan shortly. Why? We are heading to Florida from Nov 14 to April 30. I would like to know how long, in what configuration between the two phones, we can use the US plan without getting cutoff from Fizz. We would use Voice, text, data.

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    Please note that you can no longer use voice and SMS in the United States at this time. In fact, there are ways to work around it, but it's not simple or reliable.

    The maximum is three consecutive billing periods. So, it's will not work for you.

    Remember that if you want to change your plan, you have to do it more than 4.5 days before the end of your current cycle. The change will be effective in the next cycle.

    Given the current limitations in the United States, if you plan to spend a that periode of time there, it would probably be better to take a pre-paid plan, with an American provider.

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