Since, I'm in a credit card transition, can I have an extended delay to make my payment?

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I lost my credit card and I've ordered the new one just a little before the day of my payment, so the payment was denied. The 72 hours I have to switch card and make the payment could end before I get my new card... I need internet to work, I can't afford to miss it even one day. Could I have an extended delay, just to let my card arrive so I can make the payment? Thank you.

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    How do I fix a payment issue? | Fizz
    My monthly payment failed.
    1. An email and a text will be sent to you to notify you of the payment failure. From that moment, you have until the end of your current payment cycle, so 72 hours from the time the payment attempt failed, to proceed with the payment of your plan to avoid it being suspended, and eventually cancelled.
    3. If you catch up on your payment in time.  
    4. If you make your payment within the 72 hours (the specific date and time of that deadline will be specified in your account, as well as in the communications that will be sent to you), there is no impact or consequence: your services will remain activated. 
    6. If you don’t catch up on your payment within that 72-hour window.  
    7. If you fail to catch up on your payment in time, your plan will be suspended. You won’t be able to use your services until a payment is made to reactivate them. 
    9. If a payment fails for more than one plan.  
    10. If you have several plans for which the payment failed, you’ll receive automatic reminders for each of them. Each reminder will tell you what you need to do along with the deadline that applies, to pay for each plan to avoid having one suspended and eventually cancelled.
    How to catch up on my failed payment.
    1. The steps to catch up and pay for your plan are the same whether your plan is at risk of being suspended or already suspended:
    2. Log into your account on
    3. Once connected, you should see a pop-up with your plan, explaining what you must do, and by when.  *If you don’t see a pop-up, select the plan in question to see that same info.  
    4. Click on button “Proceed to payment” and follow the on-screen steps. You can pay with the same payment method or add a new one.


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