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Hi I got an email for a targeted promotion of five 1 gb perks if I ordered a new card and installed by a certain date. Today I got an email that Fizz is experiencing shipping delays with my new SIM card. My question is that since the delay is out of my control do I still get to benefit from the promotion?

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    Yes, you will get the promotion, but, don't forget, it's take 60 days....

    * The owner of the account associated with a mobile plan covered by this email who changes their current SIM card to a VoLTE compatible SIM card before the date mentioned in this email will receive five (5) My Rewards gifts of 1 GB each within 60 days following this change. An owner can receive a bundle of five (5) My Rewards gifts of 1 GB each for each mobile plan for which a SIM card change is required. The account owner will be notified by email at the time of deposit. These My Rewards gifts will then be available for 60 days, after which time the five (5) My Rewards gifts of 1GB each will expire. My Rewards gifts are non-redeemable and non-transferable.


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    Thanks for your reply and the quote you listed above. I hope I do. However my email had a deadline of Sep. 15. If I do not receive the reward is there a customer service department that I can address this issue with?

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    You will get it 60 days after the activation of the new SIM... But if you don't, customer service at Fizz is really limited, there is no possibility to contact one department or another. There is only one interface. It is therefore with that one that you will have to communicate.

    To contact Fizz, go to: , at the bottom, there is a green bubble with a question mark, you can chat with support.

    You can also use :



    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

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    Although, I am reassuring, but it's true that for the past few weeks, Fizz has had a lot of problems and that customer service has not always been able to help quickly. Even if it is obvious that the delay does not come from you, I understand your concerns :-\

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