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I have a transaction from June 29, but my internet was not installed until end of July 

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    Hi @myriam222

    It is normal, please read this

    The date on which you receive your Fizz Wi-Fi modem is the anniversary date for your Home Internet plan, and this date marks the start of your payment cycle each month.

    Or you can read this too

    Your first monthly payment will be charged to your credit card when you subscribe. Your payment cycle, however, will start with the delivery of your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. This means the amounts of your next monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, 72 hours before the date on which you received your Fizz Wi-Fi modem.


  • Yes, but I received my modem and got it installed at the end of July. However, I was charged at the end of June (I did not have my modem yet). Why is that?

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