"Payment failed" but my credit card is fine. Please help. Urgent.

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I received a text and email message "Payment failed" for Internet service.

I know that my credit card is not the problem, cause my pre-authorized payments on the cellphone are working. So why the payment on the internet is not working ?

I tried to make a manual payment twice and the webpage is stuck at processing the payment. Called my bank to verify and they told me that the 2 payments were charged on my credit card, but I keep receiving messages from fizz "Payment failed. At risk of being suspended" !!!! I now received the last message from Fizz that Internet will be suspended in 24 hrs ?????

And I can't call anyone, there's no text / chat bubble to talk to anyone at Fizz. And I've looked on every corner of Fizz's website and on any page. WTH Fizz !????. I'm considering to cancel my cellphone and Internet at this point.

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    I'm having the same issue with them, my payment was taken 3 times, they refunded me.

    Made a new payment and it was never completed but charged again to my card and now have a "pending suspension" on my internet since 4 days

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