Bug in the change of my mobile plan

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There's some bugs today around my new plan and cycle :

I changed data from 1 Go to 5 Go, I still have only 1 Go.

I changed Texts unlimited to Texts 0, that is effective so OK.

After I changed my new plan on your website, I received a confirmation via email to what my plan will be and what it'll cost me on my new cycle, which is today September 22th. You can see on the third picture below what my plan should be. However, when looking into the PDF file attached to the confirmation, the total amount is different from the one in the same message ! In the PDF file, it is written a total of 38,92$, but it is supposed to be 33,87$ tx in.

Finally, I have already 750mb of data used on my first day, which is wrong, since both my phone data usage AND your daily usage page show a data usage of only 33mb... why do I get a 750mb on my overview page with a SLOW DOWN data warning... this change of plan couldn't be more buggy!

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    Exactly and I searched everywhere for that cursed green bubble with a question mark, could not find it and I was checking in the middle of the day during business hours.

    Felicia (Fizz agent) replied to me on Messenger and told me she was going to check it out. All I can do is wait until she comes back with a solution I guess.

    I can also try again tomorrow to search again for the question mark !

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