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I have confirmation of an appointment from 12 am - 5 pm

At what time they are going to come? Should I stay at home for 5 hours and look forward for the technician to arrive? No hotline number even tp help with this issue

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    Unfortunately, they cannot confirm a more specific time than the range you choose. It's normal, they don't know how long it will take for other customers. That's how it is with all provider.

    At Fizz, the customer must be independent, he should be able to help himself., , that's why it's cheaper! They say it clearly, there is no telephone customer service. Even if they had a line, they couldn't help you anyway, they can't know how it's going to be with other customers. If that's not the type of service you need, don't subscribe there. It is better to pay more to have a more complete customer service.


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    I see, but they will call me for sure, right? Cause my doorbell is not working, I'm afraid I "won't hear them"

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    Thank you for your answer, you helped me a lot ^^

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