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Hello, so I've been waiting for over 4 hours and my SIM card didn't get activated yet, I got an email saying they were having technical issues transferring my phone number? I got the text from my old provider asking to confirm the phone number transfer and I confirmed it. In the meantime I have no access to data, calls or sms, whether I have my old SIM card in or the new one. Anything I could do? I waited over an hour to talk to a rep through chat but they closed right as I got next in queue... They said it should take 2 hours or less?

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    Your service with your old provider has been cut, but it still doesn't work with Fizz?

    Did you restart the phone?

    When you try to call your number, what does it say?

    Anyway, if the roob of your phone does not help, I think that you will have to wait for the support.

    The chat should be the best way to communicate with Fizz, but you can also use :



    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814


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    I did restart my phone and even installed the latest iOS, it still doesn't work. When I click on my voicemail it says "call failed" right away, and the corner of my phone shows that I don't have service.

    And yeah, service with my old provider has been completely cut and I still don't have access to Fizz' service so I'm kinda stuck in between :/

    I guess I'll wait a few hours for chat to reopen again since the reboot didn't work.

    Thank you for the reply, have a good day! :)

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