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Not the 1st time I used videotron's infrastructure, but this has to be the worse reception I have ever had from any mobile phone or any network ever. I tried different phones but they all have the same problems...

Here is the issue: I just bought a house and to be honest, the only place where phone calls cut less often or my voice doesn't sound like a robot is close to a window, in the front, next to the stairs, a place where I can't really sit... That's the only place in the entire house where phone calls work... I also sometimes receive text message with a few hours of delay...

It's been 2 months and I am missing or losing the connections during calls necessary for talking to my doctors, nurses and other health care professionals while I am fighting cancer. Yes I am losing important calls related to my cancer treatment cause of this garbage reception. I don't have time for this BS.

This joke of a company managed by PKP, who by the way also fuels garbage toxic medias, probably needs more money to buy himself another Ferrari or whatever provides absolutely terrible service.

If only there was some kind of voice over IP option that goes through the home internet&router (which I have with Fizz too), this could be manageable, but of course they don't offer this option.

Just a tip FIZZ/Vidéotron, if your map says you serve that place but signal is so bad that phones barely work, maybe, just maybe you are lying to your customers... I read online that people say videotron cheaped out by having less towers than others, seems like they were not lying.

Here is what you suggest on your website, which a total joke:

  1. Note: If the Fizz network is not optimal where you are, you may try to temporarily connect to our wider area network.
  2. How to access the Fizz wider area network
  3. The position and distance of our partners’ antennas may differ from ours — your mobile experience may improve at locations that are problematic for the Fizz network.
But here is the catch, using roaming:

The majority of your usage (calls, texts and data) must be done on the Fizz network.

 We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment periods


I am sure they will blame, my phone, my home and it's ''thick walls'', the wind, solar activity, etc...

I am already shopping for another ISP and mobile provider, I am ready to change my internet service as well, garbage service = you lose a customer...

Cannot wait for the poor community fellow who will have to try to support me through this. Or maybe you'll just delete and remove the post, at this point, nothing would surprise me from the garbage Quebecor empire...

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    If FizzExt works well at your place, choose that provider, probably Bell. At least you will know which provider will work for you.


  • Lorraine B. #12365

    My God! All providers have holes in their mobile coverage.

    Simply find one that works well at your place.

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