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I have invited my daughter to my plan. She accepted the invite and was requested to fill in her details but couldn't get any further than that so she tried several times. After a while a window came up with the message that fizz has technical issues and that we shall try later again. A day later though the issue was still there. So I tried inviting her again and then there were issues with signing in. When I finally had solved this issue somehow my daughter was able to get through the procedure of signing up and ordered a SIM card but non of us received a confirmation email. There was also no option to put in the referral code.

Now we are not sure what happened here as my daughter seems to have a joined account with me with my number?

This is very confusing and we are not sure what to do next.

Many thanks for any help

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  • code_WD3TG
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    The referral code can be used when you activate the SIM, not during this initial sign up and ordering of the SIM card

  • Silvette
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    Many thanks for the advise. We still haven't received any confirmation email about the order of the SIM card. When will this be?

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