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I was hoping to modify my plan to change from a Canada coverage to a Canada +’USA coverage for my next payment cycle which starts on Sept 10th but the system won’t let me and says I need to wait until the end of this cycle. I have not made any other changes to my plan this month and it’s more than 48 hrs before the end of this current cycle.

How can I fix it?

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    Issh, I believe it is too late 😕

    From :


    Important: A freeze period is in effect 108 hours (4.5 days) before the end of your payment cycle, during which time no changes can be made to your plan. 

    Important: Any change to your plan must therefore be submitted 108 hours (4.5 days) before the end of your payment cycle to come into effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle. Not respecting this delay means changing your plan will be impossible and you will have to wait for the next payment cycle. 


    You can always try to reach Fizz, but I don't think that will change anything.

    To contact Fizz, go to: , at the bottom, there is a green bubble with a question mark, you can chat with support.

    You can also use :



    Whatsapp: (438) 393-5814

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