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Why am I being charged from the 18/8 when it was only delivered the 4th sept. Im only starting with frizz today when I figure out where I will fit the cable . This is not right. Can this be fixed.


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    Hello @Ani0

    It is normal. Your first monthly payment is charged to your credit card when you subscribe. Your payment cycle, however, will start with the delivery of your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. This means the amounts of your next monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, 72 hours before the date on which you received your Fizz Wi-Fi modem.


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    Hi @Ani0

    Don't worry this who is working

    For your Home Internet service:

    The date on which you receive your Fizz Wi-Fi modem is the anniversary date for your Home Internet plan, and this date marks the start of your payment cycle each month.

    Therefore your payment will be valid for a month starting the 4th of septembre

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    Hello -

    When you subscribe to a new internet service, you are being charged for the first month the day you place your order, not the day you receive the modem. Then, the second month will be charged 3 days before the beginning of the second month.

    In your case :

    • 18/8 you have paid for your first month : sept 4th to oct 3rd
    • then around oct 1st, you will be charged for your second month : oct 4th to nov 3rd


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    Thanks so much for explaining that. I appreciate it. I could really use some help though with my installation. I just got my modem an hr ago and I cannot install it and I can’t reach anyone to help me. I have no more data on my phone . Can someone please call me .

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    Sorry @Ani0

    Fizz offers only online support, therefore, they will not call you

    Do you have an coaxial cable inside your résidence? Probably from the previous provider, internet or tv with cable (probably videotron)

    You need to connect to the modem, power on the modem and wait, at least 15 minutes, before start the configuration procedure, which consist on connecting to it

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